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We offer a convenient, professionally operated retail location for your treasured, but no longer needed items.  You can receive the best possible price without the time investment, cost, haggling, or risks of estate sales, auctions, or on-line advertising.  Buy-outs are also possible.   We have many, many repeat consignors.   Consider giving us an opportunity to serve you….you won’t be disappointed!


  • Consignments are selective and accepted by appointment.  Occasionally, we may require photographs for large furniture items prior to setting up an appointment.   We can also visit your home to approve your furniture items for consignment.   If you cannot bring your furniture items into the store, pick-up is available for a minimal fee.
  • Pricing is a critical ingredient to our mutual success. Prices are established based on information you provide and our experience. Pricing is set as follows:

         – Original agreed upon price is set for 45 days

         –  After 45 days, a reduction of 10-20% is taken, depending on the amount of  interest there has been in each item

  • You will receive a written contract for your consignments and a computerized inventory of each item consigned.   Consignors are expected to leave consigned items for at least 65 days.
  • The consignment period is 75 days.  You will be given a final pick-up date each time you consign.   Unsold items must be picked up no later than that date, or the items become the property of Fabulous Finds.
  • The Consignor receives 50% of the final sales price.  Jewelry that sells for $100 or higher is paid at 70%.  There are no other consignment fees and Fabulous Finds absorbs all credit card fees.
  • Checks are typically mailed by the 10th of the month following the month of sale.


• All items are subject to approval.
• We only accept items that are in very good to excellent condition.  We are a bit more forgiving on antique items.
• Items must be clean and ready to go on our showroom floor.
• We must be able to start an item for $10 minimum. We look for items that are unique or have some interest because of their age or design.
• Lamps must be working and have shades in good shape.
• Silver and silverplate must be polished.
• Upholstered furniture must be clean with no tears, fading, etc.
• Glassware, pottery, ceramic, china, etc. must be clean and undamaged.  Glassware must be in complete sets.   We do not take Avon, FTD, collector plates.  Complete china sets have become difficult to sell.  Please call us to discuss the china pattern you have before bringing it in.
• Prints & paintings must be in frames that are in very good to excellent condition.  Glass should be clean without cracks or chips.  As a general rule, we do not accept artwork in metal frames.
• Furniture that presents well will sell faster and at higher prices.  Wood surfaces must be in good shape with only minor scratches or use marks. Joints must be tight and there should be no cracks or breaks.

• Items we do not take on consignment include:  sleeper sofas, sofas with built-in lounge chairs, futons, draperies, most bedding, mattresses, baby furniture, most entertainment centers or TV cabinets,  rugs, clothing or toys.  Decorative pillows must be in “like-new” condition.

• We reserve the right to reject any item that we do not feel is suitable in our market or isn’t appropriate for our store.

Please feel free to email photos of your furniture items at


  1. How many days per week are you open?

Fabulous Finds is open 7 days per week.   The only days we are not open are Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years Day.

  1. Are there any hidden fees?

There are no hidden costs when you place your items on consignment at Fabulous Finds.  Some consignment shops charge –back credit card fees; some charge you for your items even if they don’t sell.

  1. What is your mark-down schedule?

Many consignment shops take numerous, and frequent mark-downs, so you really don’t have any assurance of the prices your items will receive.  Fabulous Finds only takes one modest mark-down and that is after you have had 45 days at the original price.  There is no other consignment shop that we know of that tries so hard to sell your items at the first price.

  1. Is the mark-down schedule shown on the price tag?

Fabulous Finds is the only consignment shop we know of that does not provide the mark-down date on our price tags.  It is our goal to sell your items at the original prices.  Customers cannot easily play the “waiting game” at Fabulous Finds.  What is the incentive to purchase something today when you can see on the tag that in 2 days it will be reduced?

  1. What percentage of your inventory sells at the 1st price?

This is a very important question for you to ask.   85% of our inventory sells at the 1st price!!!   We don’t think any other consignment shop can beat that percentage!!


Consignment appointments are generally on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays

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